Are you a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, or health coach

looking to get your clients on a nutrition or personalized health coaching plan? 

Are your clients struggling to hit their goals due to:

• Poor nutrition

• Unhealthy lifestyle choices

• Medical/Health issues

• Lack of accountability

Do they say:
“I’m too busy”
“How can I get advice on the right food to eat and supplements to take?"
“I wish I could get healthy meals prepared for me”

Then the TriCore Affiliate Program is perfect for you and your clients! 


Our Affiliate Program is nutrition focused to provide your clients:

accountability, plans, coaching, and blood chemistry services

they need to optimize their nutrition and change their unhealthy lifestyle habits! 

We know you have worked hard for your clients and respect the relationship that you have with them.

With the TriCore Affiliate Program, we are a complement to your services!

Our goal is to only provide them with the services you request as you manage their health and fitness. We work with your guidance on what they need! 

Our Pro Coaches and Clinical Nutritionists understand that TEAMWORK is the only way! We want to work with you to help you retain your clients, provide them with successful nutrition and lifestyle coaching, and give them the clinical nutrition and blood testing services they need to reach their goals. 

Program features and packages:

  • Referral bonus on any product or service your client purchases with us 

    • Referral bonuses paid monthly for the previous months services

    • Services utilized will be logged based on the referral bonus sheet

    • Ask client to give your name on the “referred by” section of the Eval form 

  • Monthly Reports and analysis on the status of your clients 

  • Direct communication with the Pro Coach that your clients are working with. 

  • Specialized Signature Programs like the “Performance Nutrition Program” that is completely web based and targeted to work directly with our Nutritionist and Dietitians. 

The affiliate program was made to help work together synergistically! 

By providing your clients the complete wellness experience, you are giving them the opportunity to reach their goals and change their habits for good! 

The TriCore Affiliate Program is a Win-Win-Win! 

Click here to contact the Managing Director to get setup today! 


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