This basic fitness program is perfect for learning fitness basics - cardio, strength, and mobility!  You will become more familiar with the gym and after learning the basics, you will graduate to a more advanced online fitness program!


Fitness Style: Machines, body weight, mobility, and cardio


Difficulty: Beginner 




Nic Newell


Enhance your physique and build a base of strength and endurance with this four week strength & conditioning program! This program contains 12 workout days over the course of one month to be used at any gym. Each workout will take no longer than one hour to complete and each is unique & different. Track your workouts and see results in one month!

$19.99/One Time Purchase

Nic Newell


Get exclusive access to this data driven BODY BUILDING workout plan! The Super Shred Program, which includes over 80 different exercises, will transform your body by increasing lean muscle mass & decreasing body fat percentage. Super Shred will give you easy access to your daily workouts right from your phone that can be taken to any gym. Keep coming back for more as this program is updated frequently to challenge you! Check in, track your workouts and see results!

$39.99/Recurring Monthly

Nic Newell



With the TriCore Strength Club, you are fully engaged in a complete Powerlifting experience - in-person and online!

This program takes you through several phases of periodization to peak for strength in 3 main core lifts - Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift. Whether you compete or not, this program is sure to test your strength and help develop a solid foundation for Raw Powerlifting. Get access to group chat, chat with your Pro Coach, and track your body stats & nutrition.

$75/Recurring Monthly

Judy DeCambra



This program is designed for the On-the-go lifestyle! For the next 4 months, you will be taken through a 3x per week In-home fitness program that will ramp up your metabolism, burn calories, get you stronger and improve your tone! This program changes every month, so try to beat your personal bests every week before the next routine kicks in! It is also designed to be able to use at home with minimal equipment!​

What you will need: Yoga Mat, Light, Dumbbells, Exercise Bands

$29.99/Recurring Monthly

Chris Edwards


Get Lean is a 16 week program designed to get stronger and lean out! 2 x 8 week blocks of training will take your body to the next level!

Fitness Style: TRX, Dumbbells, Stability Balls, Body Weight, Cables, BOSU, Jump Rope, Kettlebells

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced



$34.99/Recurring Monthly

Nic Newell


This Kettlebell program is designed to develop a foundation of strength, mobility, and endurance as you learn the skills and art of moving with kettlebells! This complete program will guide you from the ground up.... literally! The warm ups, technique & ques, workouts, and interaction with your coach Micah West will make sure you are performing every movement to its most optimal function! Enjoy the challenge as there are 12 different workouts that get progressively harder and then you can repeat old workouts to beat your previous personal bests! This program will be your starting point into developing a new dynamic into your fitness and wellness routine!​ 

$100.00/Recurring Monthly

Micah West


The Functional Core Program is a core focused program that emphasizes stability, strength, and mobility for the entire core! Prevent injuries and get strong with this routine!

Fitness Style: Body weight, Dumbbells, Stability Balls, BOSU, Medicine Balls, Bands, Cables

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate


$14.99/Recurring Monthly

Nic Newell


Do you workout at the Naples YMCA Fitness Center? Do you wish you had a professionally made workout to follow while you're there? Take advantage of this beginner based program specifically tailored for the equipment already there! This beginners program will change quarterly as you build your strength and conditioning foundation all while completing fun and unique workouts. 

$9.99/Recurring Monthly 

Nic Newell


30 min HIIT is designed for the high intensity, on-the-go lifestyle that needs an effective workout fast!


Fitness Style: Battle Ropes, Body weight, Cardio, Core, Dumbbells, Bands, Intervals, Plyometrics

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced 


$19.99/Recurring Monthly

Nic Newell


The Senior Strength and Fitness Program focuses on increasing your balance, strength, core, and mobility! Strengthen your muscles and bones, prevent injuries, and improve balance with this program! Follow along with guided videos that show you exactly what to do. 


Fitness Style: Strength, Mobility, Core, and Balance


Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

$19.99/Recurring monthly

Nic Newell


In the world of MMA, it is vital to have strength, cardiovascular and mobility to compete at peak performance. Fighters do not have a script on how a fight is going to be but they must be ready for anything. This 4 week  program is to be done 3x a week while following all instructions. 


Circuit Training is moderate intensity but will increase as the weeks progress.

Just like in a fight!

Equipment needed: Bodyweight and Battle Rope

$35/Recurring Monthly

Jason Toledo


with Dr. Chris Ellis

Are you moving in the most efficient way possible? Or is pain causing you to compensate? Perhaps you can't figure out why you aren't able to perform a deep squat. If so, this is the program for you!
You will be guided through 9 fundamental movements. You will be asked to record yourself performing the movements, then our physical therapist will analyze your mechanics. You will be given a detailed breakdown in any compensations, and a description of why this is happening.
You can choose to take it a step further and have a custom tailored program designed for you to correct these movement errors. 

$75/one time purchase

Dr. Chris Ellis


Are your shoulders lagging behind? Are you training the shoulder symmetrically? Or looking for variety in your program? The shoulder is a temperamental joint and this program will help you build strength in the joint from the inside out, while improving strength and maximizing mobility. With the science of physical therapy and the principles of personal training combined, this program will target known areas of weakness such as the lower traps, and improve areas of stiffness such as the thoracic spine. If you want to keep injury at bay and improve overall dynamic strength, this is the program for you.

Disclaimer: this program is not intended as a replacement for physical therapy, and you should consult with a medical professional if you have a shoulder injury. 

Difficulty: from beginner to advanced

What you’ll need: a jump rope, foam roller, exercise bands, physio ball, weights

$24.99/recurring monthly

Dr. Chris Ellis


Do you have back pain? Did you know one of the most common causes of back pain is weak hip musculature? Or maybe you just feel tight in the hips. Do you fall backwards in your squat because your ankles are tight. The hip is prone to developing specific areas of weakness and compensations, and this program will help you target often neglected areas of the hip, while maximizing mobility. If you want to keep injury at bay and improve overall dynamic strength, this is the program for you.

Disclaimer: this program is not intended as a replacement for physical therapy, and you should consult with a medical professional if you have a hip injury. 

Difficulty: from beginner to advanced
What you’ll need: a jump rope, foam roller, exercise bands, unsteady surface/wobble board, access to weights depending on the level of difficulty you desire. 

$24.99/recurring monthly

Dr. Chris Ellis


This program is designed to help give you a more well rounded fitness plan. Cross Training with weights, HIIT, yoga, biking, etc.

Fitness Style: Total body, interval cardio, TRX, barbells, dumbbells, machines, stability, resistance bands, etc.

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

$29.99/Recurring Monthly

Chris Edwards


This plan focuses on building strength and conditioning the body for high intensity along with mobility movements to prevent injuries. It is designed with the tactical athlete in mind to endure the rigors of the Military, LE, Fire, and Contracting.

Fitness Style: Strength and Conditioning

$100/Recurring Monthly

Brian Sanchez


This program focuses on a well-rounded functional fitness to build strength and conditioning for the tactical athlete. With this program you should be doing:

2 Upper Body workouts each week

2 Lower Body workouts each week

1 conditioning workout each week.

Fitness Style: Strength and Conditioning

$75/Recurring Monthly

Brian Sanchez


Each workout is provided with the intention of being a new routine for you in case you’ve noticed a plateau in your progress with your current routine. Progressive overload is what will drive hypertrophy (muscle gain), and the best way to actively measure progressive overload “accurately” is to measure the total volume of work done on that muscle group(s) and increase that volume by a small increment at each proceeding recurrence of that muscle group throughout your program. I'd be able to help your reach your goals even faster since I'd be able to prescribe workouts specifically for what YOU need to improve/grow in order to achieve that aesthetic physique. 

$60 (one time fee)

Niko Gomez


This 12-week gym based program will consist of a women's bodybuilding split for contest prep.


Program includes:
-Weight lifting plan
-Cardio plan 
-Step guidelines


Your accountability coach will provide 15-min phone calls every other week to answer any questions as well as go over your progress. 




$150/month for 3 months

Paige Jarsombeck


This is a quick 30-minute High Intensity Interval Training session (HIIT) to burn your muscles, increase your heart rate, improve your balance and stretch to cool you off! 



Equipment needed:

yoga mat

$24.99/Recurring Monthly

Lindsay Benezra

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