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Frequently Asked questions

1. What is Wellness Management with TriCore?


Wellness Management is a term used to describe our process in managing your health and performance. We are unique in that this customized process encompasses a complete plan that entails strategies in Fitness, Nutrition, and Recovery.  


When we develop a customized Wellness Management Plan for you, it will include a membership service, individual consultation appointments,  and possibly a blood test(s) based upon your needs and goals.


2. What is Personalized Health Coaching?


Personalized Health Coaching is the process of working with clients on a day to day basis to manage their health, wellness, and performance.  Coaching items include, fitness, nutrition, stress management, physical recovery, lifestyle and schedule management, sleep, hydration, micronutrient deficiencies, and more!


We have 3 different Personalized Health Coaching memberships:  


Online Coaching

Online Training

Private Wellness


3. Can I order specific services without going through the Wellness Management process or getting a Personalized Health Coaching membership?


Yes! For example, you can choose to order a blood test, or have a specific consultation outside of our normal process in Wellness Management or Personalized Health Coaching.  


4. Do you offer in-person personal training or fitness classes?


Yes and no. We do offer in-home personal training services and personal training and classes at our contracted Club Services locations.  We do not have our own physical location for personal training. Some of our team of fitness coaches do own their own studios, and work at local fitness centers.  We can assist in getting you setup with them for those services. 


5. Do you take insurance?


No.  We do however accept HSA and FSA funds.  Please check with your plan provider to ensure that your funds can be used for wellness services with TriCore.  For more information about HSA and FSA please click here


6. I am a healthcare practitioner that is interested in joining TriCore to offer Wellness Management and Personalized Health Coaching services to my clients.  How to I get more information on how to join your team?


Great!  We are always looking to help professionals expand their business with complete wellness services. Please click here to get more information about joining our team!  


7. I am a personal trainer and I would like to have my clients work with your nutritionists to enhance their nutrition and blood chemistry.  Do you have a program for that?


Yes!  We have many programs and options to work directly with our Nutritionists and Dietitians exclusively.  One program is our Performance Nutrition Program found here. For more information about our Affiliate Program, please contact us. 


8. I am a fitness club facility looking to bring in Online Training and Personalized Health Coaching services to my fitness or country club.  How do I get more information for bringing Online Services to our facility?


Great!  Please click here to learn more about our Club Services.  For further questions, click here to contact our Managing Director. 


9. I am a business looking to develop a customized corporate wellness program for my employees. How do I get more information?


Great!  Please click here to learn more about our Corporate Wellness solutions.  To schedule an appointment with the Managing Director please click here to contact our Client Services Manager. 

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