TriCore is registered to accept debit cards for your HSA, FSA and 213D-HRA funds!


Remember that if you have an FSA or 213D-HRA account,

unused funds you’ve contributed may revert back to your employer at the end of the year.

how to use your benefits

Step #1 - Required! Contact your health fund provider to confirm they will accept charges for the services you                            would like, and confirm the required documentation. Tell them you want to be 100% sure that they won’t                    do a “charge-back” and stick you with the bill. 

Tip! make note of the call and save it! Include the name of the person you spoke with, date and time of the call and details from the call. 


Step#2 - From your computer (NOT phone or iPad app), enter your fund debit card into your MINDBODY account.

Note: we can only store one card at a time.


Step#3 - Notify Client Services that you are confirmed to use your fund debit card for specific services (list                                 services), and that your fund debit card is stored. 


Step#4 - Client Services will then process the charge on your fund card. Save your receipt!


In general here are the eligible services that can be paid for with your HSA, FSA and 213D-HRA funds.

However, confirmation from your fund provider is required.


Laboratory fees for blood tests - A letter of medical necessity from your doctor is not required for lab fees.


The following services do require a letter of medical necessity from your doctor

for a specific medical condition, illness, injury or trauma:

  • Supplements

  • Massage therapy

  • Exercise equipment or programs

  • Nutritionist professional expenses 

(Debit card must be issued by one of the major creditors: VISA, MASTERCARD, Discover or AMEX)

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