OPTIMIZE program

Nutritional Cooking

If you’re looking to OPTIMIZE your rehab, decrease inflammation, accelerate healing, and build muscle, this is the program for you. Our physical therapist evaluates your injury, and writes a nutrition plan based on your individual needs. A blood draw will be taken first to see what you are missing in your diet, and you will get a customized nutrition plan. We also use cutting edge technology to track your results and analyze multiple body stats. 


If you want to come back stronger than you were before, and accelerate your recovery, then this program is exactly what you need.


​Program includes:

  • Completion of Comprehensive Evaluation Form required

  • Clinical Private Wellness Membership

  • Wifi smart scale

  • TriCore Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Panel

  • Functional Blood Chemistry Report

  • 2-hour Clinical Nutrition Consultation

  • 10-visit Physical Therapy Package

  • 1-hour Metabolic Coaching Session

$3051.70  first month only

Then $420 per monthly, recurring

Recurring services:

Clinical Private Wellness

Physical Therapy Continuity monthly check-ins

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