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Chris Edwards, B.S., CFT, SFN, SSN

Why is personalized wellness the key to your company’s health and business success?

Accountability and habit change.

These are the major factors of a successful health and wellness program. How a corporate wellness provider delivers accountability and habit change, and how the clients receive the message and relate to it - that is the key to a successful corporate wellness program.

At TriCore, we have developed an extremely successful method of coaching and programming that connects professionals to clients/employees, and delivers them premier fitness, nutrition, and recovery programming right at their fingertips.

This process starts with the employee developing a personal relationship with their coach.

There are a lot of factors to consider when helping someone develop habit change.

  1. What kind of childhood did they have?

  2. How active have they been in the past?

  3. Do they have any addictions?

  4. What is their relationship with food?

  5. Have they damaged their metabolism by living the “Yo-yo Diet” lifestyle

  6. Are they coachable?

  7. What are their personality traits?

  8. How best do they receive information?

These are some of the details a professional coach needs to learn about someone to help them recognize the habits that have gotten them to a poor or suboptimal state of health.

At TriCore, we understand this. Which is why when we develop complete and comprehensive corporate wellness programs for businesses, we highly encourage using our coaching memberships as a key component to their complete program.

The reason: everyone is unique. Using template-based programs and approaches are NOT going to generate habit change and produce significant results.

TriCore uses scientifically backed habit change principles in metabolic optimization. This results in performance enhancement which will improve the lives of your employees and in turn improve the productivity in the workplace!

People want to talk about themselves and they want to have things personalized for them.

  • They want to be heard!

  • They want someone to listen to their needs!

  • They want to feel special!

After you have developed the know, like, and trust factor with a coach, this makes accountability much easier to reinforce. The client knows that the coach is providing them feedback that is personalized to them, and they know it will help them succeed.

Marketability to employers and employees.

Corporate Wellness programs touting disease prevention are simply…boring! Another key factor for a successful corporate wellness program – participation! First of course, upper-level management needs to understand how it can help the company, but ultimately you have to sell the employee on the program for them to really use it in order to create change. They are the ones who are participating, and they are the ones who will determine whether or not the program is successful or not!

Employers who have run other template-based corporate wellness programs in the past, have said it was a waste of money due to the fact that “the employees didn’t participate”. That statement says it all! Participation and adherence to the program needs to happen to see results. Most of the employers that I spoke with had been setup with a traditional “disease prevention” program.

Part of what a successful program does is make it attractive to the employee. They need to have a personal drive behind believing and following through on the program. Here are some factors that make a corporate wellness program attractive to employees:

  • Body Composition change (fat loss and/or muscle gain)

  • How they look in clothes

  • How well they sleep

  • How much energy they have during the day

  • Do they feel attractive

  • Are they able to perform better in their sport or lifestyle activities outside of work

  • Are they able to rehab an injury or prevent re-injury

These factors are more relatable to the everyday person. If the program can market this to employees, then there is a much larger percent chance that the program will be a hit and successful!

Pair this with a personal coach attached to each employee who knows them and their lives intimately and can give them no BS advice to reach their goals and take charge of their life…then you have a REAL CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAM!

At TriCore, our program will focus the employee/client on the factors they can relate to in their daily lives…while at the same time educate them on the scientific principles of health and wellness. So, the coach will be protecting them and helping them improve their health simultaneously! The ironic thing…this may also lead to preventing some diseases!* This is how we ensure successful health outcomes.

Technology and connected health devices.

Connected health devices are fun! This is why companies like Apple, FitBit and Withings have spent millions of dollars to make their products marketable and attractive to their customer. However, of all the millions of people all over the world who have these devices, most don’t know how to leverage them to help them improve their health! They are not using them to their full potential.

The issues that we see with connected health devices is the “now what?” element. They get the device, walk 10,000 steps…now what? What kind of relationship do they have to those 10,000 steps? Why is this something they should continue to do? Who is supporting them and keeping them accountable to continue this to see health improvement change? What does it all really mean?

This is where having a personal coach comes into play.

Having someone who knows who you are and what your goals are, is crucial for success. When someone relates to you and understands you, you feel good! You feel heard, and it’s comforting to know you have support. So, when a coach says to a client/employee:

“Great job! This is what you need to continue to improve your health so that you can lose body fat and reduce your cholesterol!”

That is the direct feedback and instant gratification that an employee needs to feel good about themselves and support their efforts in changing their habits for long term success!

Utilizing connected health devices, we make our programs and the coaching experience:

  • Personalized

  • Fun

  • Challenging

  • Competitive

  • Engaging

  • Diverse

  • Multifaceted

Why TriCore?

There are three differentiators that separate TriCore from the rest when it comes to Corporate Wellness Programs. We stand by these and pride ourselves on our success with each corporate client we work with. We provide:

  1. Customized programming designed specific to the company’s budget and needs

  2. Individualized coaching and develop an employee/coach relationship which drives the biggest rate of success in habit change for health improvement

  3. Technology and connected health devices which provide data, analysis, and direct feedback to drive long term sustainable results.

Our Corporate Wellness programs lead to healthier and happier employees, reduced sick time, greater productivity, and lower healthcare costs to you the employer!

Are you ready for a custom solution for your company? We will show you how we can help deliver improved health and business productivity for your workforce.

We want to find a solution that works for you and your team! Contact us today!

Thank you,

Chris Edwards

Owner & Managing Director C: 239-233-6178

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