Take your nutrition to the next level with our  PERFORMANCE NUTRITION Program! Optimize your health to get stronger, lose body fat, recovery faster and enhance your active lifestyle! The program works well with ANY fitness program and our team will help optimize the best approach for you.


This program is designed to work with and enhance your Personal Trainer’s fitness programming for you! TriCore + your personal trainer = Success! 


​Program includes:

  • Completion of Comprehensive Evaluation Form required

  • Additional Self-assessment questionnaire required

  • Provide recent bloodwork/lab reports (within the past 6 months)

  • 2-hour Clinical Nutrition Consultation with Customized Nutrition & Supplement Recommendations ​ (via videoconference)

  • Personalized meal planning consultation, includes initial 1st week meal plan (via videoconference)

$674 one time fee

Note - If no recent blood work, or it is incomplete, 

new labs required, and can be ordered through TriCore (additional cost).

Additional Blood Test Recommendations (not included):

TriCore Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Panel

Micronutrient Testing

Alcat Food Sensitivity Testing

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