Adapting to a healthy lifestyle and navigating the gym on your own can be hard. TriCore makes it easy by providing fitness and nutrition advice at your fingertips. Our Private Wellness program is a hybrid approach that merges the in-person and online experience to propel your results.

We capture and analyze information about your Fitness, Nutrition, and Recovery to develop a comprehensive wellness plan and provide coaching.


Utilizing tools such as blood chemistry analysis, body stats, and other encompassing wellness data,

we can formulate real time coaching to improve your health and performance.



Wifi Smart Scale

Activity Tracker/Smart Watch

Blood Pressure Monitor

Smart Phones

A suite of different apps

and more!


Blood Chemistry Analysis

Lymphocyte Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Micronutrient Analysis

Medical History Analysis

Fitness & Performance Analysis

Central Nervous system Regulation

and more!


Fitness Professionals

Clinical Nutritionists

Health Coaches

Physical Therapist

Recovery Specialists

and more!

Private Wellness

Our top tier Personalized Health Coaching membership​​​


Text your Pro Coach pictures of your food for

accountability and calorie calculations.

Receive coaching tips, and answers to any health and wellness question! 

The Private Wellness program includes the following:

  • The TriCore fitness app

  • Custom Fitness programming

  • Weekly coaching on your body stats, fitness and nutrition

  • Concierge text service (7 days/week: 8am-8pm ET)

$200 per month

Auto-payment schedule

New option!

Private Wellness with our Physical Therapist, Dr. Chris Ellis, who is also nutrition certified, to manage all aspects of your health: 

fitness, nutrition, recovery

$275 per month

Auto-payment schedule

Add on Private Online Coaching with our Clinical Nutritionist

for just $75 more per month!

This is a month-to-month plan, with no commitments.

Recommended equipment:

Wifi Smart Scale: $150

Recommended add-on service:

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Report: $99

“Working with TriCore’s Private Wellness Program is a breeze!
Easy, fun, and the results show for themselves!
I have now lost over 40lbs and have maintained keeping it off!”



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