Sports Socks

RECOVER faster! Move better! Come back stronger! This program is tailored for Surgical & Sports Injuries and is designed to help you rebound faster after surgery, speed the healing process, optimize your metabolism, get strong and prevent future injuries. 


​Program includes:

  • Completion of Comprehensive Evaluation Form required

  • 1-hour Initial Consultation with Managing Director (in-person or videoconference)

  • Wifi smart scale

  • Clinical Private Wellness

  • Provide recent bloodwork/lab reports (within the past 6 months)

  • 2-hour Clinical Nutrition Consultation with Customized Nutrition & Supplement Recommendations (via videoconference)

  • 1-hour Physical Therapy session, in-office with Dr. Chris Ellis, monthly 

$1,023 first month only

Then $474 per month, recurring

Note - If no recent blood work, or it is incomplete, 

new labs required, and can be ordered through TriCore (additional cost).

Additional Blood Test Recommendations (not included):

TriCore Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Panel

Micronutrient Testing

Alcat Food Sensitivity Testing

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